Welcome to Fathers and the Daughters They Love!


This site is very personal to me and I hope it will be for you too.

I have two daughters: one is the Love of my Life and one is the Joy of my Life (and they both know that!). I don't hold in my emotions about either of them and am so fortunate to be close to both of them.

And it's through this closeness that I have come up with the idea for this site.

We will be publishing stories of all kinds of Fathers and all kinds of Daughters. One might be Left-handed, Blue-eyed, Bald Golfer Fathers and the Daughters They Love and one might be Fathers and the Cancer-Survivor Daughters They Love.

Personal stories. Emotional stories. Stories that touch your life and give you hope and inspiration for the future.

Ordinary, every day people and celebrities that everyone has heard about.

We'll tell their stories in books, recorded interviews, downloadable videos, filled-out questionnaires, photographs, CDs and DVDs. And who knows… perhaps some of these stories will touch the heart of a TV producer and we'll create a series for television.

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To stay informed as this site grows to serve loving families, please leave us your name and email address and we'll rush you information ……….

And 10% of the proceeds from each "Fathers Project" (since this will be a whole series of stories based around the type Father or type Daughter we're communicating about) will be donated to a group that the participants will select. They don't have to provide the money, I will… but it will go toward a charitable organization of their choosing. (Hey… who else does this!?)

It seems to me that too many Fathers hold back, hide their emotions, don't tell their Daughters how much they mean to them… and then when the Fathers don't take the lead, the Daughters also hold back (because they have had no role model that says, "Please share your emotions with me").

Have you ever been to a funeral where either the Father or the Daughter finally had a chance to state publicly how he or she felt? Let's not wait that long! Let's join together to be sure these emotion-packed stories are told.

Here are some categories of Fathers we'll start with (do you see yourself or someone you admire in one of these?):

  • Big City Mayors
  • Firemen
  • Authors
  • Country Singers
  • Baseball
  • Golf
  • Movie Actors or Directors
  • Entrepreneurs and Internet Marketers
  • Policemen
  • Religious Leaders
  • Vietnam War Vets
  • World War II Vets

And we have hundreds more.

And some will be local (like Firemen from specific cities or towns) and some will be national (like Movie Stars and City Mayors).

So… if YOU have an idea for a story you feel should be told, write me… I want to hear from you. And be sure to fill in your name and email information above so that we can contact you when we get all of this moving at a rapid pace.

There are SO many stories to tell! And I believe we can save the world, one soul at a time… and we'll start with Fathers and the Daughters They Love!


Charlie Seymour Jr
Founder / CEO
If you want to contact Charlie, please Click Here!

PS: I'm serious about wanting to hear from you. If YOU have a story that should be told or if you know a Father or a Daughter whose story should be told, please write me now. And please fill in the form above so that I can stay in touch with you – leave me your name and email address now while you remember – I hate Spam and will never give away or sell your information: you mean too much to all the Fathers and Daughters to have me do that.

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